Суперб шкода 2011 цена

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  • Дата публикации: 18 January 2018
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Athulya Murugavell 19 January 2018

The Skoda cars are SUPERBE but their Dealers are!

Ansh Arora 21 January 2018

does this car has peddle shifters?

Subhalakshmi Nath 23 January 2018

Great car but Octavia Rs is better

Gaurav sonar 27 January 2018

Does Indian Supereb have adaptive suspensions?

Priyanka g 01 February 2018

Top model petrol just at 33 lakh amazing

kevin vlog 06 February 2018

What is the price range of superb

Armaan Singh 07 February 2018

That music in the start, any links?

billubakra007 09 February 2018

Superb 2017 or the A4 2017 and why? What s the name of the background score?

NIRAV CHHELAVDA 16 February 2018

Infotainment system lacks attention should be replace it with highend 8 oled touch screen. Missing full led front lightning system at this price point. Superb directly competes with mercedes e class and it Should comes with 7 speed DSG instead of 6.

XgamingAndyX 22 February 2018

I d go with a 2017 Volkswagen Magotan

prasad hari 26 February 2018

superb car with superb music melodious mind blowing.

prasad hari 04 March 2018

u r getting great luxury and comfort for this price range superb is really superbb. its better buy than a expensive germans.

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