Видео тест драйв опель антара 2016

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  • Дата публикации: 21 January 2018
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99subigt 21 January 2018

In the states we have the 4cyl 2.4fwd, the 3.5 v6 awd and the 3.6 awd.I Wonder if the awd uses the same awd computer module? Or if the awd is better in others just cause it s a different part of the world?

99subigt 24 January 2018

It looks just like my wife s saturn 2008 vue v6 awd😕 is that what is this in Europe?

Вячеслав Егоров 29 January 2018

Снимали на китайский будильник?

erdeesh 03 February 2018

this is pure crap. comes nowhere a 95 or even a 00 frontera. Opel is pure crap in the offroad / suv department! They should up their game!

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