Coolant liquide refrigerant nissan

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greenbaywacky 09 May 2018

Yes good tutorial for beginners it will definitely help. I remove engines so i guess I am more advanced but I love FiremanCv so ya got me for life my friend!

Mirta Diaz 10 May 2018

Sir this is the best tutorial that I watch. Maybe I m not the kind of person that you are talking about (jijijiji) but I like to check my car fluid to be aware. Thanks so much.

Shannan Miller 12 May 2018

Very nice and educational! Two thumbs up!

ThinkGear 18 May 2018

thumbsup and nice educational video buddy. i am alsoo your new friend. It would be great if u coulld give soem feedback and become frind with me :)

Lulu Luna 21 May 2018

What if you go an inch over max

Alessia's World 26 May 2018

great video, new supporter for your channel i hit that red s button and dropped a like

Entertained45 01 June 2018

new supporter, congrats on 1m views that s awesome. the only thing i know about cars is where the gas and keys go. great tip too to wait until the car cools down.

Pollitos Toys Playtime 06 June 2018

When i bought my first old car i had to check this and all the oils everyday. It only last me a year. But awesome video because many people dont know how to do it. :-)

Rebel State Sovereign 08 June 2018

Lol, love it, excellent job buddy

Incognito FLA 12 June 2018

Ok dude Hot = NO-NO. Cannot complete this vid!

Tristin Kuehl 16 June 2018

Embarrassed the hell out of me I don t have a job but am training to be a heating and air tech

bluffmasterhara 19 June 2018

I cant believe it 1.1M views and only 6.4k subscribers.that is appalling - people! He has done a great job, show some appreciation.

Tina Clark 26 June 2018

Nice video but I didn’t see any eye candy. 😉

True Resident Evil fan base 01 July 2018

You know a lot about working on vehicles I like this video pretty cool my friend. 😊

EAST DAD 04 July 2018

Hello Fireman I met you originally in Lunatic Dads chat.Brian recommended I talk to you about how to setup my PS4 TO GET COMMENTS ON SCREEN AND ALL WITH (apologies caps) my laptop and capture card.Im a super noob with it and your advice and help would be extremely appreciated.✔

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