P201b ошибка мерседес w203

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esp753 02 April 2018

Wow, you did quite a research on this engine. Your explanation of how and why this system works really helps. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Alin Coroian 09 April 2018

In order to test the whole system? Can I just turn on the air pump (connecting it to power) without turning on the engine and see if there s airflow at the exhaust pipe?

Odd Asbjørn Pedersen 16 April 2018

i have the same symptoms,BUT my car is performing like the supercharger is not working.but only sometimes.what do you think? supercharger problems? i have cleaned the egr valve like you. thank u for helpful video. odd

Kuuben 20 April 2018

I sucked out the wd-40 out instead of blowing it out does that matter?

Madalin Neculai Photography 23 April 2018

Hi there, i have the same issue and after i erase the fault code i have a huge difference in power.I checked the valves and they are ok.now what can the problem be?Should i erase all the time the error or what to do? thank you so much

Veerle Bammens 25 April 2018

Awesome vid, thank you! You helped me out a lot. We should be able to screw the damn thing off but I guess some sort of Mercedes tool is required. I cleaned it but I m afraid it s too rusty. Let s hope for the best! Thanks again - Greetings from V in Belgium

beso facacia 01 May 2018

HELP - dude i have the same engine and have 0-100 13.2 seconds. no fault codes, no misfire just power loss.

Albert EisUnheimer 05 May 2018

thanks for the video. thinking about buying one. would love to chat about the c230, want to get your opinion

Neil Williams 06 May 2018

I have a 2000 Mercedes S500. Will this be the same issue? Awesome video. Thanks a lot.

Mars Star 07 May 2018

The codes I have are p0410 and p0418 I all ready replaced the injector fuel pump. What are the next step i should do. I got a clk350

rustedhero888 14 May 2018

My 2001 C200K M111 engine won t start properly. No consistency in the process. It might stall a bit at start up and loss of power while driving. Again, not all the time. I m suspecting that the air flap might be the culprit. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

El Kabs 21 May 2018

i found water in my 2010 MBenz secondary air pump do you know why

Charles Martin 26 May 2018

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to put this together very helpful in explaining the system which is similar if not the same on my 2002 CLK.

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