Мерседес g500 4х4 2

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  • Дата публикации: 10 May 2018
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Ken Horton 11 May 2018

Well nice 4x4 not very good driver any one Knowing anything bout four wheeling do not drive with there thumbs in side the spokes looking to loose thumb maybe use of whole hand.

mixizettpitelka 17 May 2018

Hat jetzt dieses Fahrzeug für ca. 700.000 EUR etwas gezeigt, was ein Lada für ca. 14.000 EUR nicht kann?

Auld Kendal 23 May 2018

3:48 upshifting with pads turned off

boi 26 May 2018

its year 2018 but this shit is fucking awsomeeeeeee

FreshlySnipes 01 June 2018

Probably the most capable off road production car ever built 💯 Kinda unfortunate AMG didn’t get their paws on the engine but 🤷🏼‍♂️

Maciek Hołda 04 June 2018

But You can go through that terrain just with Duster, not to mention Lada 4x4 Niva. Show how it handle with real rocks, mud or sand.

juan herrera 08 June 2018

no voices, no texts, beautiful. Just enjoy that suspension and the sounds of the chassis and pavement. Very sincere video

Дмитрий Зурбаган 09 June 2018

Ауууффффь! Какой харощий! Дерзкий!

VIP Cars 11 June 2018

So was von Geil eh! Nur die Kohle fehlt.

Dmitry P 18 June 2018

I wouldn t dare to drive VAZ 2101 there - too scary! Я бы тут на копейке не поехал - страшно же!

Dag Eide 24 June 2018

I can do that trail with my VW 4-wd van in 2-wheel drive

SuperManolo4 26 June 2018

Not impressed, a suzuki Jimny does that easy.

tom thompson 02 July 2018

its like a real life tonka toy,

ToGRuL HaShimoV 04 July 2018

Lezet yapiyor abi.adeta keyf aliyorum

Filthy Motorsports 09 July 2018

Wow! Did that just drive over a 6 pile of dirt? That s Amazing!

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