Mercedes benz actros 1997

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  • Дата публикации: 02 April 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:07:26


joe nail head 03 April 2018

Yeah that was classic comercial

Giacomo Viola 08 April 2018

Initial music name please! Thanks.

kaniwar ali 10 April 2018

Today manufacturers are cheating in USA, by the name of pollution, they just destroyed drivers.

kaniwar ali 14 April 2018

90s Mercedes Truck’s are better more than 10 times than today’s trucks(volvo, frightliner.)

Omar Intercooler 19 April 2018

Best actros ever built MP1. other latest mercedes trucks are a piece of crap

Yohan Fernando 25 April 2018

vey recently I bought this Actros but difficult to find service manual. Can somebody tell where I can find a service Manual free. Please!

Cyberhawk Serpentis 28 April 2018

It was my first and best Truck!

Стас Проханов 04 May 2018

MP1 is a true Legend. Thx for sharing.

Mayorlany Nischke 07 May 2018

MP1 from 1996/97 is the best Actros. The rest of them are shit.

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