2017 mercedes g63 amg

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anh le 19 January 2018

2019 Mercedes G-Class VS 2018 Range Rover r] ☁ 📢 🍁

Cher Cher 21 January 2018

Its pretty but it doesnt seem as luxury in the inside to be that much money. I rather just get a Jeep. I seen better luxury cars for that price.

Luis Guzman 27 January 2018

All I ever wanted was a Benz and a bad bitch

Thomas Kar 01 February 2018

I like the looking and the simplicity, but to buy as a everyday car is not worth it.

The Recipe 03 February 2018

I’m getting one in a week or so 🔥🔥🔥

RANDOM æð 04 February 2018

It s funny, I came here from a Jeep Liberty review. Basically diarrhea, to damn sexy. Nice vehicle, love it very much. Excellent review too.

Exotic x Clipz 10 February 2018

This is my dream car 😍 I want one matte black with black rims and red interior 😍

jd5179 15 February 2018

$150k sticker price, good heavens.

Abiodun Azeez 18 February 2018

Cheap shitty car.no intense molding of car body meaning cheap manufacturing.just cube.just a little engineering skills that s all.

Not Today 20 February 2018

My dream car 😭 sucks cuz I’m broke asf

Mr.Drixxp 24 February 2018

I want the G65 AMG 6x6 With a V12

Kinshasa Brown 02 March 2018

thx for the video. If I ever want to upgrade my White Jeep Wrangler Sahara it would be to this. The v8 and v12 options are inviting. So sad that it s $150K with only 14/16 miles to the gallon plus it requires premium petro :(. It really should start at $75k, no more than $95K for the v12.

Vanya Rammelsberg 07 March 2018

His voice like a robot 😂 Sorry man! But that s the truth.

TheNew Tomboy 08 March 2018

Beautiful car. cant decide if i want this or the range rover

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