Mazda rx 8 swap k20

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  • Дата публикации: 24 January 2018
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asenruskiq 24 January 2018

I have a question. You are using Rx8 transmision or K20 one? About the trotle body Rx8 or K20? And last one can you give more info about stearing rack which one you are using? You will help community alot if be cind to answear those questions. Best regards Asen

СтройНяшка 28 January 2018

hello! I want to swap k20 in rx8 too! Can you help me? I from Ukraine! I need drawings for plate for the mazda s transmission

Tariq Alderbas 02 February 2018

Mustafa is this mazda for sale? Am looking for a 2009 and above japanese motor swapped

sinan danacı 08 February 2018

Araç sizin mi? Maliyeti nedir ve bu tarz motorlar nasıl bulunur acaba?

Jameson Bentley 14 February 2018

Looks great! I m doing a k20a2 swap on my rx8, how did you keep the EPS and gauges running normally?

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