Лексус рх на воссенах

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  • Дата публикации: 02 May 2018
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Вячеслав Вострецов 03 May 2018

I have goosebumps from this video! Nice

P Rivera 04 May 2018

Mike.ty so much for all the advice you gave me regarding the HF 1 wheels. Im ecstatic and cant wait for my wheels to arrive.

P Rivera 11 May 2018

So how long does it take to make the rims?

Hemant Sathian 13 May 2018

Damn this gen Lexus RX gets a bad rap for its styling but the tint and the rims on this car are perfect. I can make an exception👌🏽

Jose Wanderlei de Franca Cowboy 17 May 2018

Todos vídeos são maravilhosos shows de bola um melhor do que o outro top

Jack Dolah 22 May 2018

Fuck urus, that s the hottest suv ever! Urus inspired by lexus design

itsprod 24 May 2018

Nice edit! Love this RX on your wheels

TheQuestionMark 25 May 2018

Vossen making those sweet videos with nice music again! Thanks!

Paper Planes 30 May 2018

is it lowered? or anythign damn that looks sick!

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