Лексус лс 600 гибрид цена

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  • Дата публикации: 04 May 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:20:54


CastrejonHDTV 04 May 2018

Can the grill be switched to the F Sport grill?

john jay 07 May 2018


Proper Gods 10 May 2018

That interior makes me pee my pants 😍😍😍😍😍 😍 Love it

Landon Thomas 11 May 2018

I didn t hear you mention the battery capacity. How many KWh is it?

TruAgape1234 15 May 2018

15:43 driver focused? Get outta here with that. That s just code for less luxurious, more bumps, more noise. That is NOT what luxury buyers want!

john Simon 16 May 2018

Sitting in your dealership for hours whilst your vehicle is being diagnosed regularly and being quoted high priced German parts is not a luxury.Buy Lexus, problem solved

Martin Rademakers 21 May 2018

With out any doubt that Lexus reliability and quality means this car is worth every dollar. It is targeting Mercedes Benz between the S550 and the Maybach.

Ágoston Berkó 25 May 2018

last gen looked way better. i hate the front

loo lolo 30 May 2018

S class, 7 series, a8 have raped it. Lexus need to update the LS very quickly. this is so overdated if tou compare to other germans similar cars.

No 05 June 2018

LOL this is the kind of car you buy to have your butler to drive you around that sinsane.

Michael Williams 07 June 2018

That is not the most expensive sedan in the world, you have the Mercedes s65 AMG 240,000 and the BMW B7 which is 140 - 160,000 then that might come in 3 place

manifestgtr 09 June 2018

honestly, 134k is not bad at all for a vehicle of this calibre.that executive rear seat is very reminiscent of a maybach

بوسعد العجمي 14 June 2018

ﻻ تنسون طلعت وﻻ نزلت تراها تويوتا

donkeydicked 20 June 2018

What an amazing car. Nothing beats Lexus for all round satisfaction. BMW and merc fail with their service issues

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