Джип гранд чероки ларедо 2005

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  • Дата публикации: 25 January 2018
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ABC 25 January 2018

What’s the difference between a 2005 and 2010?

Mals 28 January 2018

The 2005 grand cherokee limited was my first car and love it a lot!

sucks 01 February 2018

oh man, when get got this beauty, we had it until it died on us in 2015. 10 years man

God Bless General Lee 07 February 2018

Is this Grand Cherokee still for sale?

EclipseGuy97 11 February 2018

Hopefully getting this jeep soon

Alondra Rojas 14 February 2018


Matthew Lo 18 February 2018

I am here because of The Walking Dead Rick used this car back to Alexandria in S6E11.

Ahmet Can Al 22 February 2018

my fathers new car and im drived today

Nick Mastrangelo 27 February 2018

Didn t know this was posted in 2010 until he turned on the radio and Jason Derulo came on

the daily driver 01 March 2018

enjoyed this video. I made a similar video on nearly the same vehicle and I like to see how well you make your videos, which have helped me learn and love cars more. thanks Kyle

Jack S 03 March 2018

I grew up in the back of a Grand Cherokee just like this. Brings back good memories.

Forever young 09 March 2018

Worst Vehicle I ever Owned Stay Away and read EDMONDS reviews

1970borntorun 16 March 2018

Oh my God! Where would I EVER find a vehicle that has a steering wheel that turns back and forth, has a glove box with a lid that closes, and a Tranny that shifts out real good? Wow! I sure wish MY car did that! You may be a good car Salesman Kyle, but your reviews leave a LOT to be desired LOL

Keith Metoyér 21 March 2018

I was considering buying this one

david henriquez 24 March 2018

is this jeep any good? i m considering financing one this weekend. 

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