Ford wss m2c204 a

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JackofSpades 02 April 2018

I took my Truck to Pennzoil and had them change my 05 F150 transfer case with transmission fluid. They didn’t specify exactly what kind they put in it but I’m pretty sure it’s fine.

ramivalencia 06 April 2018

Thank you so much for your videos. They gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed to jack up my car and get dirty doing all of the recommended 100,000 mile maintenance work. With your guidance, I probably saved $500 doing all of the work myself. I just had to buy the parts/fluids.

Steve H 10 April 2018

Does the same go for a 07 explorer?

Yahaya Mubarak 17 April 2018

I m have my ford explorer Overdrive was blinking so can sov

Vic Ajk 22 April 2018

Hi FordTechMakuloco, Thanks for the videos they are very helpful. I have a 2013 explorer standard 3.5 how many quarts of transfer case (xl-12) does it take? & how many quarts on transmission fluid (mercon v) does it take? I looked in my service manual and can’t find it.

Dem F 26 April 2018

what s the recommended change interval for transfer case fluid? if you rarely use the 4x4 on a truck, would there be less stress on the transfer case fluid/rear differential fluid? etc?


Hello, thanks for the well taught videos. I was wondering if putting mercon v in a 94 e49od tranny would cause damage.(it requires dexron mercon)

Alex Santos 05 May 2018

Iam having oil come out the top bolt

Alex Santos 09 May 2018

Do you have a video on how to change the transfer case seal?

Cliff Perrino 13 May 2018

all your vids are very helpful, thorough without asshole grandstanding like shrodingers, mature and easy to listen to thanx, a loyal follower.

Tony Cervantes 18 May 2018

Can I use this transmission mercon v on 06 ford fusion sle v4

airsoftspecialist5 22 May 2018

Will thd ford transfer case fluid be sufficient in a 99 ford explorer AWD transfer case. The manual says mercon v?

Jorge Urrea 26 May 2018

Good video, congratulation for your tip, thank you.

Simon Black 31 May 2018

Weird. My manual says to use 75w-140 gear oil. I changed it 4 years ago, and just changed it agian. Runs and preforms great.

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