Офф роуд шевроле тахо

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Emmanuel Perez 09 May 2018

This is my favorite type of offroad where you see both the driver and the vehicle struggling to get out unlike other terrains where the only priority is ground clearence

ViiV Creations 11 May 2018

Bro get a jeep its way better and more fun lol

KillJoy 17 May 2018

Definitely need a lift and some bigger tires. I could feel that pain of the bumper on that one for sure.

Austin Boileau 20 May 2018

These could honestly make some pretty good off roaders, throw a lift and some mudders on there and bam! Same goes with any car/suv/truck! Hahaa

Tod Lindley 24 May 2018

Take 2 Through the Darien Gap LOL!

the legend 7mody 31 May 2018

وحش وحش والله يالصوت طررررب لبى التاهو بس

حمودي العسيري 03 June 2018

هههههههههه مستحيل ادخل مقطع غربي ومااحصلكم ايها الشعب هههههههههه

Alfredo Garcia 08 June 2018

You re right. This are not really off roaders. It s more a way of life. I d rather going off road with a Lada Niva than a Tahoe.

gtluvbai 13 June 2018

That is the stock front bumper cut in half straight across. Not the ideal off road choice

idrussia007 18 June 2018

UAZ is the best for drive like this)))

Kol Booy 22 June 2018

نعم نحن العرب سنحتل العالم هههههههه

VEGA 26 June 2018

Fun as hell but a b c to clean all the mud off and your still stuck with what s under the frame :/

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