Chevrolet cruze station wagon

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Jochem 09 May 2018

It s a very attractive second hand buy, considering the low prices and what you get for it, but I cannot help myself but to see a Daewoo.

patriot3431 13 May 2018

Chevrolet North America is relasing a hatchback model in late 2016. I wish I could purchase a cruze station wagon in the US.

Pedro Honrado 18 May 2018

Carbuyer is sponsored by Ford. Every reviews Ford Focus or Mondeo are the class reference. And that s just boring.

Michael Maguire 19 May 2018

 I drive a 2005 Chevrolet Optra wagon. The stance and interior set up is quite similar to the Cruze wagon. Too bad the Cruze wagon will not be an options when I need to replace my present car.

Noah Miller 21 May 2018

Wish we had more wagons in the U.S.

Gareth Ifan 28 May 2018

Is this a Made in the US true Chevrolet or a re-badged Asian nasty?

Poodabran 01 June 2018

Wait a sec. We Americans invented Chevrolet. Why weren t WE opened to having a Cruze wagon? 

sjchun79 06 June 2018

This seems like a great car. The rear torsion-beam suspension is sure a drawback, but the Cruze is generally a decent car with all around performance.

SovereignSoul 12 June 2018

OMG. her nose is growing with her age. I remember she use to look so pretty just a few months ago. maybe its the weather. BTW good review once again.

Noob Saibot 17 June 2018

These reviews are terrible. It s the same as a Vauxhall/opel astra and they seemed to like the astra but not this.

GoodDay 18 June 2018

Oh. Why I need lambo when I can get a station wagon

Styper1000 23 June 2018

Where s the Chevrolet link system?

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