Bmw s 1000 xr 2017

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CG BS 09 May 2018

Such an uninteresting and poor review. Typical example of amateurs who populate the internet with irrelevant opinions: not a single insightful comment from this rider who clearly has very little experience with bikes

Quang Nguyen 13 May 2018

Nice review. im 172cm and planning to trade off my Iron 883 for this.

Lifted_Above 16 May 2018

This sort of chassis, with this sort of technology, but with the 1301cc Vtwin from KTM. Perfect.

Brian smith 18 May 2018

My riding buddy is 174cm tall with short legs.He has a lowered suspension version of the xr but told them to leave the standard seat on when he ordered the bike,guess what,he can flat foot with no problems at all.

Sam Matthews 20 May 2018

i tested one 2 weeks ago here in Brisbane, loved it. The only thing that bothers me is the seat. Fairly uncomfortable i thought. Fairly quick bike though, and i may trade my Hayabusa for one.

Haikal Beck 25 May 2018

How tall are you in centimetres? I m planning on buying one

Darrell's Moto Diary 27 May 2018

A couple of inches in both departments, Lol!

Wales2Wheeler 02 June 2018

Nice bike. If I were you I would stick with the tracer for my commutes. Then go and buy a 2nd hand R6 for £5K-£6k for the weekends. YAY 2 bikes :P OR get the S1000r and stick a realy ugly tall screen on it. Flat foot one no problem.

the real slim shady 03 June 2018

great bike just bought a 2017 waited until they addressed the vibes tru the bars. only 200miles done still restricted until first service

F G 07 June 2018

Big question is. will you be replacing your tracer with one 🤔

discflight 13 June 2018

Amazing machine hey! There s a low seat option + a few low suspension versions kicking around. 😏✌️

Tim Hickey 15 June 2018

Hey brother some reviews I have read say that this engine has a bad vibration at certain revs.Did you notice anything like that?

zardportugal 21 June 2018

Sky, this bike can´t have a shaft because it is made to run from the devil. -) Simple.

Fire Blade890 25 June 2018

My local dealer doesn t want my Chinese bike.

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