Bmw 135i coupe цена

рейтинг: 3.9 - 9 voice
  • Дата публикации: 13 January 2018
  • Просмотры: 641
  • Длительность: 00:11:07

В этом видео: двигатель.


Rafa Navarro 14 January 2018

that engine bay is dirty like my girl bro

Omar Saleh 16 January 2018

the music sounds so audiosoave whats the name of the song?

Steven Foley 19 January 2018

18 inch Rims? Where can I buy those Rims?

Tadas S 22 January 2018

The same 135i in the beginning It had an accident so I had to put a lot of work and a bit of mperformance parts to have the best look. Totally the best bmw ever made.

MJ 28 January 2018

correction, there is only 2 pistons per side in rear caliper

Bubbles Samsquanch 02 February 2018

anyone know the owner for wheels and specs?

JudicialClouds 04 February 2018

the sad music cause I can t afford one

DrCrazyAzz 07 February 2018

Dont you need upgraded coilpacks, fuel pump and a bigger IC to get near 400rwhp?

jayjay jayjay 10 February 2018

I m buying a 135i in a few weeks. where and how do I get a Dinan flash? can it be done at home or does bow have to do it?

jayjay jayjay 11 February 2018

where do I buy this dinan flash?

Isaias Castellanos 16 February 2018

Dude why does this guy pause so often as he speaks. wtf.

Michael Burnes 21 February 2018

How does it handle in the winter? I m in Ontario as well and am thinking of daily driving one.

DU5KIE GAMING HD 26 February 2018

when you drop down a couple gears. rev match please.

Jay P 28 February 2018

LOL reading the comments about it being overly emotional (Which I didnt think so) until 9:45. I would cry too if I had to give up my BMW

PURP Mouse 05 March 2018

tip for your pan shots. you can tell as your panning your camera it stops ever so slightly. Loosen your tripod, do it as smooth as you can get it and just slow down the footage in post.

Tadas S 11 March 2018

Hey, Guys! This BMW was crashed at Canada. I bought it and shipped to EU, who s interested can follow on Instagram You ll recognize it looks different now.

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