Бмв х5 е53 ошибка trans failsafe prog

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Ramon Billinger 23 February 2018

how do i rest it my trans fail is on 2003 bmw x5

Hayko 28 February 2018

I got a “getriebennotprogramm” and “motornotprogramm” warnings because of this and my auto transmisiion wasn’t working properly, pulled out the plug of this module resolved all my problems, except the abs. Was a bad abs sensor on the left front gear E38 735 IL, V8 1999

Ray Wilson 02 March 2018

Have alternator checked. See why it has failed also: mayb became ruined by oil from leaking valve gasket above - common E53.

Murtuza Khalid 05 March 2018

I got the same prob dude suggest me what to do?

Salvador Herrera 07 March 2018

Did u find out the problem I m having the same issue? Disconnected the abs module and no more trans failsafe and engine failsafe!

GHOST5470 12 March 2018

My car is not taking any fuel and dies when you give it gas, has the trans failsafe warning up if someone could help me that would be great.

Yehya Hamad 16 March 2018

I had the same problem after I disconnect the ABS unit I still have lights but the transmission work as usual soo do you think I should be change the ABS unit or the ABS sensor

Ck Sudhir 21 March 2018

03 x5 4.4i I have same problem but the mudile and all the brakes with roter calper I replace just before I park my truck for 16 months

COBRA HELICOPTERS INC. Dana Rabun 22 March 2018

Your alternator is putting out low voltage I replaced the battery first the lights stayed on but alternator was bad those sensors run on high voltage. check your alternator.

Area Code 514 28 March 2018

My car does the same thing but then when i stop the car it wont start. I changed the battery and does the same thing again. What can i do?

BALSOF 7 01 April 2018

I have same Problems When I changed used Cluster, Half of Cluster not working rpm and temperature indicator and oil indicator, so I tried with deferment Cluster All are the same. the old Cluster was not doing like that. What could be the problems? How I fix it

Rabeea Mohameed 04 April 2018

i was have the same problem then i fixed by change the abs control its from ABS CONTROL

aks 07 April 2018

i think he needs to change Actuator to fix this problem

Zero Hour 11 April 2018

Fuse 22 - That whole system is all linked. Alternator, temp, and trans are all on one system.

james chen 16 April 2018

You need verificación cable negative in box ecu and IS very crash, you need add one cable aditional cable negati in the chasis compresor a/c and up when box Ecu. Greeting!


In my case, i changed my spark plugs and i noticed i no longer get trans fail safe

Facoceru Facocerul 24 April 2018

I have seen some red triangles on the sides of the display on some of the cars. One on the left and one on the right and in the middle you have the texts(range, fuel cons, etc) .what does that represent?

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