Audi r8 vs gtr nissan

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  • Дата публикации: 06 May 2018
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Łukasz Gotszald 06 May 2018

you should compare car versions with EQUAL PRICE

ayman alalawi 13 May 2018

جايبين هندي وتبغونه يفوز بالجيتي

fermin salazar 18 May 2018

Drag racing inside this new car it s just boring.

me you 20 May 2018

GTR lifted when he started going sideways. idiots

Michael Balto 22 May 2018

Cool race well done to the audi i love them

camirocz 24 May 2018

Stupid video.No times or mph mentioned.

Rich Farfugnuven 27 May 2018

I have a hellcat Challenger, I wish they would make an AWD version, not just the little V6 AWD version.

DarudeOwnageZ 30 May 2018

GTR still looks better and is a lot cheaper sooo I’m sticking with Godzilla.

Christo Hees 05 June 2018

Gtr is getting old time for e knew one maybe R36 but we need a knew gtr because time has caught up with the Godzilla

ashley B 08 June 2018

Shame Audi R8 needed 4 extra pistons to beat GTR V6 3,8 Lol

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